Don’t Forget to Look Up

Last weekend I went back to Manhattan to visit an old friend who is getting married soon.

We went bridesmaid dress shopping and kicked it old school. It was great catching up, and on my way out of town, I stopped at the Konza Prairie Trails for a hike before the drive back to Kansas City.


The Konza is one of my favorite places. I discovered my love for hiking there. As a child my family vacations were camping trips. We camped, we hiked, I hated it. It wasn’t until college that I started hiking on my own, for enjoyment and clarity.

There were many times back then that I sought clarity and peace and found it on the prairie. (Me! The-girl-who-hated-hiking!) There is just something about being alone in nature, sun on your skin and only your thoughts to keep you company that really makes you face whatever is on your mind. As an added bonus, the endorphins from getting your heart rate up are a total mood booster. To this day, hiking is one of my favorite activities – alone or with friends!

Whether you need to clear your head, focus on a thought, or just want to enjoy the great outdoors and burn some calories, a hike is always a good choice. I have several favorite trails in Kansas City, but I have missed the Konza and was thrilled the weather was so agreeable. I hit the six-mile loop and soaked up the sun.




Lately I have made it a goal to look up, on hikes but also in life. It’s easy to miss what you are really looking for if you are too busy focusing on not tripping.

Do you have a favorite trail? Where do you like to go to clear your head?


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