A couple of years ago I realized that skinny brows were no longer in. (Were they ever? I wouldn’t know…no one ever taught me wrong from right when it came to this very important very face-affecting matter. LOOKING AT YOU MOM.)

Anyway, this was an issue, because by this point I had been plucking my brows into very skinny, shapeless squiggles for about ten years. I made the decision to let them fill in, thinking it would be a matter of mere months before I would have the bold brows of Cara Delevingne, or at least, you know, not look like a tweezers-happy 90s chick.

This was not the case. It turns out if you’ve been plucking your brows into the same shape (or in my case, lack of shape) for a long time, it’s possible that hair will never grow back in. EVER. The internet told me so. It was looking pretty bleak.

Had I killed my arch forever? I was determined to find out. The first order of business was throwing out the tweezers. OK, that’s a lie. I didn’t throw them away because a unibrow is not cute on anyone and I also suffer from a rogue black hair that sprouts up on my chin from time to time (don’t lie- you’ve got one too). SO, the tweezers stayed. But I did commit to myself and those around me that I was NOT going to tweeze a single eyebrow hair for a month. (Pro tip: if you want to stick to something, tell everyone you know you’re going to do it. They will not care at all but it’s always fun to talk about yourself and this will help to create an illusion of accountability.)

Like I said, I initially expected that this No-Tweeze-WhateverMonthItWas was going to end with me being a heavy-browed-mega-babe. What actually happened was nothing. One month turned into two which turned into three and although my brows started looking a bit scragglier, they were still as thin as ever. To spare you more long drawn out details, it ended up taking about two years of not plucking at all before I could confidently consider my brows to be fuller. This was two years of them becoming gradually scragglier and scragglier until finally they started to actually fill in (still scraggly…). About two years into this process I started getting them professionally waxed but I still do not touch them myself. I can’t be trusted! To this day there are still spots that haven’t filled in and maybe never will, but I do feel that the difference is dramatic and the sparse spots are nothing a bit of brow powder won’t help!


Top: How my brows looked from about 2004-2013. Middle: Now, natural. Bottom: Now, filled in with powder.

All of that said, if you’re looking to fill in over plucked brows, the best thing you can do is drop the tweezers and be patient. A couple of other things that I did/used along the way that may or may not have had any effect but probably didn’t hurt:

  • Brow razors – Used in lieu of plucking to somewhat manage unruliness while they grew
  • Brow brush –  I like to think that this stimulated growth or something but in actuality it probably did not. In any case, brushing up (at least in my case) helps to create a fuller look.
  • Hair, Skin and Nails vitamins (Biotin)
  • Brow powder
  • Find an esthetician who listens to you and understands what you want (S/O to Haylan at Orchard Corners Beauty Brands – you da real MVP!)
  • Remember that your brows are sisters, not twins. There is just no making them identical and that’s okay!

The moral of this story? There isn’t one … PSYCH! There’s three!

1) I, like any other vain Millennial, just enjoy boasting my accomplishments. (Yes, I consider this an accomplishment!)

2) If you’re trying to fill in your brows, be patient. It will take a hell of a lot longer than you would probably guess.

3) If you are the mother of a girl, please do not let her near a pair of tweezers. Take her to a salon where she can get those puppies properly shaped. Start ‘em young, ladies, start ‘em young.


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